Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY necklace triple strand gold pearl necklace

This necklace is another gift I made some times ago

And now that she received it (and //apparently// loved it) it's time to share it!
We saw it at the Moma Store and ...

left : MomaStore - collage by moi


* 35"  3mm x 6mm curb link gold chain
* 20 - Fresh water pearls diam +/- 5mm
Gold Wire 24 Gauge soft
* 2 - 24 gauge gold 2" head pins 
Gold Plated Lobster Clasp 10mm
* 1 flat pearl bead diam. 10 mm (from my stash)
Darice 1893-09 Set of 5 Jewelry-Making Tools with Pink Handles
* 2 or 4 (optional, see tutorial)  7 mm gold jump rings 

the tutorial // how-to:

Cut the chain in two sections:
- one will be 25" long
- the other 10" long

attach one jump ring to the clasp and connect it to one end of the 25" long chain,
then the other jump ring to the other side of the chain.
(I was running out of gold jump rings - therefore I used a 8mm for the closure, and a 4mm to connect the clasp)

Find the center of the necklace, and connect the flat pearl bead to the chain

wrap the wire of the headpin around a couple of time, and cut the excess

from the center bead, measure 5" on both sides of the necklace, and mark the link of the chain
with a marker (or you can use two safety pins to mark the link - your option)

connect 19 of the the pearls using the technique of the beaded links
 (check the tutorial here)
and leave the wire un-done on the first and last link

place the wire on the links of the chain that has been previously marked 

connect to the wire also the shorter 10" long chain,
wrap the wire around the pearl and cut the excess
Alternative: you could finish the pearls and connect pearls, shorter chain to to longer chain using a a jump ring on each side - your choice: it' will look pretty much the same.

Once extended, the necklace should look like this -
at this point ind the center link of the shorter chain and
wrap the last pearl with the head pin.
... and it's done!

xox, V.

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